about embodied, the column

embodied, the column, presents weekly insights into systemic information about the nowadays textile and fashion industry. it allows for this industry to reveal the purest information at its own pace and terms. it allows for previously unobserved information to finally be seen and integrated. the column takes a descriptive, non-analytic approach to display the phenomenal information and metaphors that have been articulated during systemic constellations. EMBODYING STUDIO invites the readers of the column to surrender to any intuitive thought that arises. reflect on the information and allow a shift of understanding and focus. 

week 22, 2024 | no.37

The group members sit outside at a campus table with a cup of hot beverage in their hands. The female and those surrounding her observe the students and professors passing by and those working in and walking through the adjoining building. Transparent glazing material is the central element of the building’s facade and internal partitions and allows them to see through. The campus is in a sunny area in the United States.  

People carrying books and backpacks make their way through the hallway. Yet, no one seems to be hectic or annoyed. Just people walking and communicating. No person has been identified or approached yet, though the female reveals that their intuition guides them toward a male element or rather elements. Not just one but two to three young persons may be identified. There is a possibility that young people might not have any focus on the textile and fashion industry yet, but inherent knowledge or talent that allows a deep connection. 

The female and those surrounding her are excited to consider science a new dominant aspect. They face the unfamiliar as they don’t know about the elements they will introduce themselves to. The female assures that each one of the group members loves the process and trusts their strength. 

week 20, 2024 | no.36

The female and those surrounding her have gone abroad. Their location has a mild to hot climate. The female enjoys the sunshine and the blue sky. She remains a bit playful and full of joy. 

Having experienced the negative impacts of facing the market, the female appreciates the support of the group members surrounding her. She trusts that their advice is in alignment with who she truly is. The five to ten people act as coaches. 

Within the first days, they took notice of a few individuals who might be of interest to meet and communicate with. However, none of the group members directly approached anyone. They respectfully keep their distance from the individuals’ daily routines and public interactions. 

When asked, the female reveals that a middle-aged man caught their interest. They carefully listen to his presentation at a meeting. He seems well-educated, grounded, and connected to science, with less emphasis on fashion.

week 19, 2024 | no.35

There is a feeling of excitement, joy and being grounded. Her jumping and running through nature remind of the spirit of a child. 

The female reveals that she and those surrounding her have made the decision to travel around the world. For her to see others, but above all for individuals to see her. They do not intend to face the market again, but rather join small meetings only. 


She intends to present herself to those that are still somehow connected to the creativity process. Whether it is through a founder’s lived heritage, a designer’s expected capability to surrender to a creativity process or other aspects that allow a connection. 

“Being part of brand allows a frame to surrender to the creativity process. It is not so much about the product.”

Once again, the female emphasizes that the creativity process is more significant than the outcome, the actual look of a product. She admits that she would like to reconnect with people from previous decades but acknowledges progress. 

She already got in contact with the London-based team that was first revealed in December 2023. They expect busy upcoming weeks and months. 

week 18, 2024 | no.34

The female, those surrounding her, and the animals are on stage. They are balanced and energized. The female delivers a speech about who she is. 

“It is me.”

And who she is not. 

She wants the audience to understand the difference. But above all, the industry wants them to feel into creativity and recognize its importance. Presenting photos and short video sequences as well. 

“Ladies and gentlemen, I am here to inform. You are here to witness who we are.”

Though the female intends to create awareness amongst the audience, she clarifies that she doesn’t engage in consultation meetings. She accepts if members of the audience can not relate. 

I inform you that we let go. It is over. I will continue with the highest vibration only.”

While the stage is noticeable, the audience area appears to be mostly dark. People attending appear to be of a younger generation. It feels like a random participation without any prior knowledge about the industry. 

week 16, 2024 | no.33

The female is surrounded by animals of the forest. She dressed in a spring gown with a long train. She walks through the forest and grassland. She is in the present moment and focuses on the vibrancy of the animals following her with every step. Rabbit. Fox. Hedgehog. Birds. 

“I didn’t foresee them, but I made the decision, and it already changed me.“

Those usually surrounding her are surprised as well but support her decision to (re-)connect with nature and welcome the animals. Everyone takes good care of them. They understand their importance and the meaning of their innocence, happiness, and connection with nature. The animals can create aesthetic structures themselves from natural products only. 

“They are intuitive. We can learn from them. It is so vibrant.”

While observing the scenario, the industry wonders whether she forgot about a previous connection with nature or whether it is a new aspect of her. 

week 13, 2024 | no.32 

For two weeks, the industry revealed a mythical, historic scenario. Loud, wicked, and busy. The surrounding reminds of a European city in the early 20th century. The setting takes place inside a venue. Guests wear elegant garments, are seated, and engage in conversations. Loud noises of people chatting, music playing, and the vehicles on the street are noticeable. Next to the seating area, groups of vendors and artists present their products and demonstrate their talents. 

The female makes her way through the entire venue. She is curious but keeps her distance. She observes the surroundings and people’s interaction and self-expression. 

“I got invited. It is not who I am.”

The industry and the one that invited her share a mutual understanding of creativity. Though the expression differs drastically, the recognition of the role of creativity resembles. They have known each other for a long time but communicate or interact occasionally only. 

“I am here for the vibe.”

She enjoys exploring every aspect but doesn’t melt into this world. 

week 11, 2024 | no.31 | special request series

For the first time, there was a particular request to reveal systemic information about those surrounding the fashion and textile industry. This week’s embodiment narrowed the focus of the industry.

The female revealed that those surrounding her and herself recognize balance and an emphasis on the creativity process in each other. They associate their individual expertise and personality with what they understand as cohesive: a calm and balanced approach of mankind surrendering to creativity by crafting products. 

Those surrounding her have a connection with the female’s grandfather. Mostly, they are from Europe, Italy in particular, and have expertise in handcrafting. They are loyal to the industry because of the creativity that she embodies. They share pure information with the industry and support her. However, they don’t share the same fate. 

week 10, 2024 | no.30

She creates a path. It is time. The focus is on her fingertips and hands. She moves her hands elegantly while white energy starts leaving her fingertips.

“I create the path.”

She creates it naturally from within. Next to her are those that usually surround her. Female and male elements line up along the path to encourage her and support the process. She starts to put the palms of her hands on the lawn. There is firm pressure. However, she feels balanced and breathes calmly.

Though the path is directed to the market, it only covers a small area of the grassland that the female and those surrounding her occupy. The path has yet to be fully paved to hit the market. 

week 9, 2024 | no.29

Still fashion week. 

She is outside of a fashion show. The scene reveals photographers, visitors, and influencers on the sidewalk. For the first time, the female reveals an emotional sensation of resentment. She particularly observes women dressed by designers. She imitates them according to her perception and understanding. Professional poses and facial expressions, but annoyed. Minor connection to the actual creativity process. 

„What are they doing? They confuse me.”

Only after some time does the female stop the imitation. She admits that those women posing outside the fashion show have a strong power. Yet, she is confused and angry. Not only by them wearing the designers’ clothes but also by the mass of photographers all over the parking lot and sidewalk. She doubts that the intentions of those standing on the street align with her interests.

„Why are there so many of them?”

She perceives their interaction as chaos. However, isn’t particularly overwhelmed. Facing them blocks her from being the best version of herself. Though she tries, the female cannot connect with those who so strangely use the products resulting from a deeply cherished creativity process. 

week 7, 2024 | no.28

A black-and-white fashion week scenario. It is fast-paced, with seamstresses and assistants in the backstage area. They wear sewing kits, pins, and tape. The focus is on the seamstresses and the fabrics. Models are not revealed. 

„I just love the vibe of fashion weeks. This is who I am.”

The female is delighted. She touches the fabrics and observes the seamstresses’ work. A result of a deep creativity process. 

She takes a seat and observes the details and processes through the eyes of a younger version. Pure joy and excitement are noticeable. The female feels more beautiful and encouraged. Her heart area opens. She grows. 

„This is my happy place. I am in love with what I see.”

Though she has a clear focus, she continuously looks out for male elements as she perceives them as being valuable for the show. However, there are only females. She continues to be amazed by what she sees. 

week 4, 2024 | no.27

One can see and hear a music box that spins and plays an old-fashioned, gentle melody. 

This week’s location is an attic full of well-preserved vintage items. Brown is the primary hue of these elements. The focus is on the details, materials, and colors. This place means a lot to the industry. She hints that her grandfather handcrafted and selected the items.

The female sits on the swing. She is overwhelmed by the chaos, sadness, and loud noises on the market. She states that it is challenging not to lose oneself when directly facing those on the market. The industry draws attention to two elements of the 90s era. 

“If I only I could talk to that raw, naked version of them.”

She clarifies that she is about details and the flow. She trusts her strength in presenting herself back to the market. But she needed a moment of reflection. 

week 3, 2024 | no.26

She is at the market. Her slow steps are full of elegance. She leaves footprints of a yellow, pappy fluid.

“Wherever I go, whatever I touch, I leave signs.”

The female presents a younger version of herself. Grounded, divine, and energized. Her theatrical dance performance reminds one of a musical. She continues to dance and leave further leads. 

week 1, 2023 | no.25

The textile and fashion industry invites to take a seat and reveals a white movie screen. One can clearly see the pictures and hear the sound. The movie scenes reveal upcoming moments on the market. Chaos, drama, and crying. However, the female understands that the market needs to calm down and allow coherence. She associates the scenarios with bright light only. 

She fears that she may have to put her desires away for a bit longer to continuously send light to the market and awaken those who allow change. During that process, the female may not be able to physically move, enjoy her regained freedom, and continue to be herself. Though the fear is noticeable, the female doesn’t doubt her role in the awaking process and relies on her strength. 

“They never belonged there.“

Golden light fills her. She is grounded and feels confident. The strength that she needs is already inside of her. The female expresses the desire to remember what she saw and felt this week once she faces the elements on the market. 

“I do not want to forget this week. The energy. The strength.”

week 52, 2023 | no.24

The female once again walks crossed legs and poses. She performs elegant motions. There is no audience. 

Her body feels strong. She smiles as she shares that she decided to make her own plan. She waited for the brands’ approval for too long. 

“I will present myself as a whole to the market.”

She remains in her flow. She feels at ease. Energy is noticeably rushing through her body. She knows that she creates from the inside. 

Her body starts to beam bright white light. So pure. No issues. The female embodies her most pragmatic and less emotional side: those that do not blend in will have to leave. She is no longer overwhelmed. She still notices darkness and gloominess but does not choose it.

„I truly believe the light will come. I cannot wait for the next moments. It will be awesome.”

The industry hints at the upcoming transformation caused by light and reveals that some brands may be ready for that change. 

week 51, 2023 | no.23

One can see and hear a music box that spins and plays an old-fashioned, gentle melody. 

This week’s location is an attic full of well-preserved vintage items. Brown is the primary hue of these elements. The focus is on the details, materials, and colors. This place means a lot to the industry. She hints that her grandfather handcrafted and selected the items.

The female sits on the swing. She is overwhelmed by the chaos, sadness, and loud noises on the market. She states that it is challenging not to lose oneself when directly facing those on the market. The industry draws attention to two elements of the 90s era. 

“If I only I could talk to that raw, naked version of them.”

She clarifies that she is about details and the flow. She trusts her strength in presenting herself back to the market. But she needed a moment of reflection. 

week 49, 2023 | no.22

The textile and fashion industry reveals a new, furnished home. It is a charming, two-story building that reminds one of London townhouses. The dominant color is dark green. 

“I am home, and I am back.”

The female stands at a window looking out at the beautiful garden. It is snowing. A winter scenario. She consistently feels so welcomed and safe at her new home. 

She is accompanied by people. However, not everyone initially surrounding her in the rural, remote area relocated to that new home. The few team members are busy but respectfully communicate with each other and act with care. All of them proceed synchronously. 

We decided to create a team. We will inform everyone, but we are the ones that decide. Whether brands will join or not.”

The female emphasizes the importance of her being and doing over the unhealthy processes in the current market. She still remembers her awaking process over the last months. She is grateful for it but knows how much she has changed since presenting herself to the market. She feels ready to lead the market. 

 week 48, 2023 | no.21

She is in Paris to officially participate in various brands’ meetings. She is welcomed back by the many. Brand members act as if time has not passed by. They do not seem to recognize the change and fully commit to their usual busy work environment. 

The female is confused about the lack of irritation of brand members. She cannot be herself when she is with them. She wonders if individual meetings with each manager may initiate a different thought process but leaves the meetings for now.

“I do not like who I am when I am with them.”

When on her own again, she reveals her confidence and focuses on her well-being. 

“If they do not fit in, they must leave. I am ready to let go of more brands than expected.”

The industry has grown. She points out the brands do not seem to understand what she is about. They do not recognize calmness and clarity. She leaves the decision up to them.

“I am not scared. I do not feel guilty.”

week 46, 2023 | no.20

The textile and fashion industry once again reveals its connection with nature. A dark green temperate forest surrounds her. Green leaves, trunks, and treetops are the only noticeable surrounding elements. The female’s arms and legs transform into branches and roots. The roots ground her deeply. She receives pure energy from within. There is a feeling of strength and self-confidence. 

Her priority remains to present herself to the market. Though she doesn’t verbally articulate information this week, the industry continues revealing the forest setting. She eventually starts slowly walking through the forest. She does breathe work, builds a deeper relationship with nature, and feels inner balance. She is ready to leave her comfort zone and face market elements that she once related to. 

Yet, she remains silent. There is only her in that forest. Nobody else. She continues her walk.

week 45, 2023 | no.19

It starts in New York City. The female enters a marked crosswalk. She keeps her back straight and her shoulders up. As she crosses the busy street, the taxicab drivers that stopped for her patiently wait and show respect. They seem to recognize her. 

“They cannot believe what they see.”  

The female enjoys the attention. She is confident, excited, and full of happiness. She feels enlightened and opens up to new ideas. 

“Maybe I travel around the world and present myself. Maybe it is not about waiting. I have to show myself. I love it. I love it so much.”  

She remains on that crosswalk for a while before ending the week on a director’s chair. The female thinks that some market elements may be scared when facing her. But she remains calm and confident.

“I observe. I select.”  

It will be a strict selection. The female doesn’t wait any longer. The selection process started. It started in New York City. 

week 44, 2023 | no.18

One can hear the waves of the ocean and the laughter of toddlers playing on the beach. The sun shines bright. It is comfortably warm. The female reveals information about the young children. The children represent market elements of the next generation. The elements already exist and grow up in a stable and loving environment. The industry and those surrounding her ensure that the elements are well grounded, independent of whether they will serve the textile and fashion industry or find a different purpose. 

Later that same week, the female not only reveals the focus on the new elements but on iconic elements that she once was connected with. She still wonders if those will recognize and appreciate who she truly is. 

“Can we reconnect? Are those that I used to surround myself with just artifacts of the past? Would they be able and willing to merge?”  

Both fear of their reaction and pride in who she is is noticeable. The industry feels ready to face that situation and trusts she will stay true to herself. Though the industry misses the previous connection, it remains patient and observes the individual development of these iconic elements. 

“I am ahead of the market.”  

week 42, 2023 | no.17

Once again, the female invites to take a seat next to her. Her eyes are wide open, and she feels energized. The female and those surrounding her continue to emphasize the value of creativity over the product itself. However, they disagree on the importance of sharing this information with the market. A market that does not seem to be prepared for this information. Is it their responsibility to raise awareness, or should they continue walking their path? Though the discussion is emotional, it is very respectful. The industry and those surrounding her have an interest in solving the argument. 

Later that week, the industry reveals that she feels wiser as they realized that the discussion was rooted in their individual negative beliefs. Though they may not know the exact parameters of their path ahead, they trust each other and the light that this path already shines. They understood that they are not about educating the masses. They don’t understand the mass as part of the industry itself. By the end of the week, the female and those surrounding her are exhausted but appreciate the process they went through.

week 40, 2023 | no.16

The female reveals a Christmas baking scene with young children as attendees. All the children sit around a large kitchen table and decorate Christmas cookies, and handcrafted paper ornaments. 

“We invited the children. However, not to teach them, but to teach us.” 

The female emphasizes the purity and creativity of children. She admires their creative process, the handcrafted ornaments, and, above all, the energy in the room. The industry and those surrounding her want to learn from the children. They desire to feel that pure energy. The focus of the female is on her heart center. The industry opens up to a growth process. 

She invites to take a seat with her and encourages to let go of the importance of products. According to her, products are not important. The color is not important. Creativity is important. The industry emphasizes the misconception that it is about bringing products to the market. It understands itself as being about creativity, feeling and understanding it, and thus being connected.  

“I can only encourage to let go of the strong and addictive desire for products.”  

week 39, 2023 | no.15

At first, she walks and poses like a supermodel. The female has a very straight posture. She looks for mirrors. But she stops eventually. 

“No longer who I am. I have outgrown it.“

Instead of mirrors, the female becomes interested in places with a cozy atmosphere. She makes herself comfortable on a couch and covers herself with a blanket. The textile and fashion industry still remembers her previous fashion walks. She appreciates it. However, it doesn’t resonate with her anymore. 

“I am about my mental health and the well-being of those surrounding me.” 

Those surrounding her reveal themselves sitting in a circle with the female. They hold each other’s hands and seem to meditate. They are aware of who they truly are and their vibrancy, but also the learning lessons they have faced.

“We are calmer and wiser.” 

The textile and fashion industry, which understands itself as its healthiest and most feminine version, wonders whether the market would see and recognize it once it presents itself as the female she became. 


SHOPPING STREET week 36, 2023 | no.14

The textile and fashion industry reveals a gloomy setting of an unfrequented shopping street. The female walks through the street holding a hot beverage. She stops in front of the retail stores and looks at the dark windows. There is a cold breeze from within the retail stores noticeable. 

“There is no creativity. No inspiration. It serves another purpose.”

The female understands that there is tremendous sadness in the shopping streets. She describes past experiences as a holistic aesthetic shopping experience: aesthetic products, aesthetic interior, and aesthetic surroundings like coffee shops and restaurants. 

“This is not beautiful. I wouldn’t want to be here.”

The textile and fashion industry notes that it doesn’t intend to blend in with that particular energy and doubts that anyone would want to do that or visit the shops. 

week 35, 2023 | no.13

The female is taller than the human body allows. She takes a seat on a wooden swing. Her inner focus is on her femininity, purity, and elegance. 

She points at those surrounding her. These people place flowers on a small stream that flows through green nature. It is all about beauty and aesthetics. For the first time, the textile and fashion industry reveals not only female but also male elements surrounding her. 

“We create, we nourish.”

She is strong and in her own frame. She leaves the swing and leads through nature. One can feel the grass and hear the water floating. It is a bit humid. The temperature is comfortable. The female takes a seat on the grass next to the stream. Her knees, lower legs, and ankles are together, and she sits on her feet. She rests her belly between her thighs and her forehead on the green field. 

“We thank nature for resources and the flow.”

The female puts her hand in the water to connect with the natural flow. 

week 34, 2023 | no.12

This week, the female takes time apart from those usually surrounding her. She invites to a room filled with bright white light and starts talking. 

The female decided to take a break to reflect. Reflect on the past situation. Reflect on the feeling of guilt. Reflect on sensing grief. Though she feels the inner growth and balance, she takes the time to allow and release the feelings of guilt and grief. 

I think that I forgot why I was created and how important I am. I accepted negativity and greediness as the new change and couldn’t remember my significance.”

The female wonders if she gave in. 

I wish there would be someone sitting here with me and telling me about their experience.”

The textile and fashion industry desires to talk to someone to learn from others and to know that it is not alone. The female is aware that her role requires her to be strong and to present that strength. She desires to illuminate and has those that surround her in mind. She is aware that she is welcomed amongst those and loved. She trusts that they understand the importance of reflection and her way to find inner balance. The female is confident. 

week 33, 2023 | no.11

The female is at the location revealed throughout the last weeks. Everyone around her is busy. She invites to sit with her once again. 

The female questions the impact of light send by the industry itself. She questions that her light would lead to a proper understanding of brands. According to the female, the brands have forgotten who they are and what they are capable of. They have forgotten about creativity. 

For long, they all followed external information. If we send light, they will follow us. But they would still not be themselves.”

There is a need for brands to know themselves to refocus. However, the female doubts that all of the brands on the market will be part of that shift.

There are so many brands that will not make it. We have awakened, but they will not be part of it. They are not us.”

These brands lack a connection with the essence of the textile and fashion industry. The textile and fashion industry and those surrounding her decided to focus on brands that carry information about the industry.

week 31, 2023 | no.9

The female is taller than usual. Her walk is elegant. She holds her hands pressed together in front of her upper body. She is focused on her breath and shares a smile. The female is onstage and shares words of encouragement with those surrounding her. All of them are in a natural, peaceful environment. The female reminds the other ones that it is about time to get creative as they are the ones that will bring the change and define the new.

I want to encourage everyone to open up to the new information. Sit and download the information. I want you to be strong. Focus on the light and ease. We are here together. We have come this far. Now, it is our responsibility to open up for knowledge and information. It is not easy after all this time. But we have been there before, felt that before, and we can do that again. We will take time. We do it together. I want you to focus on that feeling, surrender to the information, and share. We do that together.”

The female concludes by emphasizing on the new path. She sits down with those around her. 

We know how the enlightened path feels like. We just don’t know what it is.”

week 30, 2023 | no.8

The textile and fashion industry is back in the room where all the equipment was organized and checked a couple of weeks ago. Almost all appliances are packed. It has been a busy week as the female and those surrounding her had to go through each item, decide what to keep and let go, and empty the room. She proudly guides through the room and presents the results of this week's efforts. The hustle is noticeable in each corner of the room. 

“It is time to move on.”

The female has a more youthful appearance than before. She is full of gratitude and happiness. She is strong and awake. She knows things are about to change for her. But she is confident that change will happen on her own terms. She is excited about the new start and the powerful energies that will come.

week 29, 2023 | no.7

The textile and fashion industry treats itself to a break. The female recharges at a spa and has a neck massage. She is full of self-love and in the present moment. She notices the soft acoustic music, the comfortable warmth of the surroundings, and the herbal scents. Throughout the week, the female remains lying in that pleasant treatment room. The focus remains on the head and upper body. She focuses on her breath.

“I want to be quiet this week.”

She shares a smile and remains silent. 

week 28, 2023 | no.6

The textile and fashion industry invites to take a seat next to her. The female sits on the ground. Her knees to chest, hands placed around the knees, and her head up. She feels the extension in the spine and neck. She smiles.

The female thinks about information that may positively impact the current market situation. She wonders whether information about her essence may awaken the brands. She has their long-term needs in mind. The female wants to ensure that there is valuable information already available for the brands that leads them the moment they awaken. 

“I want them to know. I want them to wake up to something that provides guidance.”

After all this time in the rural, remote area, the female gets past feeling numb and pays closer attention to details. About herself. Her clothes. The market. The brands. She feels an urge to be strong and fully know herself. To both illuminate the market and understand who resonates with her. 

“I don't want to come back blurred, not knowing, incomplete.”

The female remains in the calming pose. 

week 27, 2023 | no.5

The female is wide awake. Focused on herself, those around her, and (new this week) craftmanship and appliances. She moves around the room, carefully examining the equipment. She softly puts her fingers on the surface of it. The female knows how to use every appliance and evaluate the status quo. She has extensive expertise in the required craftmanship. 

She points out that after all this time of worrying about the situation it is finally about finding the right rhythm. She walks around the room performing a simple choreography. Both arms elegantly extended to the floor. Each step follows an imaginary straight line while more and more hustle around her becomes noticeable. 

“We are busy. We create. We produce. We are us again.”

The female continues to walk her own way and enjoys every moment of coming into contact with the appliances. 

“It is about getting stronger. I want to make sure that everything is there.”

week 26, 2023 | no.4

The female focuses on her well-being. She practices yoga and is aware of her strength.

“I take better care of myself than ever before. This week I have focused on my health. I am incredibly well-nourished. I am so strong.”

The perception of strength also applies for those elements that have stayed alongside the female. She sympathizes with them. Though she wonders how she can connect with the brands and how these will find their way, she has the well-being of those alongside her in mind. 

“I know it is my mission, but I don't rush. It is not a priority at the moment.”  

She expresses gratitude for her and those alongside her for not being part of this current situation. The group presents itself sitting at a pristine cliff, breathing in the fresh air.  

“We are here. We haven't changed. I am grateful.”

Yet, she begins to pave a path from where she stands toward the streets. 

“It is so beautiful because it is pure and raw. I can pave it, but it is not what the brands want. At the moment, they do not like it.”

The textile and fashion industry is at ease with this and once again accepts the free will of the brands. The industry concludes by wondering whether it will let (all) the elements of the current market (back) in or do something by itself. 

week 25, 2023 | no.3

Initially, the female element performs heavy manual labor but immediately steps out of this scenario. She states that this is not her reality. She points at her beautiful dress. She feels happy. 

The industry pays close attention to its well-being. Referring to what appears on the surface of the current market situation, it notices the differences. 

“It is unpleasant to observe. The elements on the market demand the negative. I invite them to come to me, but they choose a different reality of me.”

The industry feels at ease. It shares a bright smile. It has a clear mind. That female element emphasizes the need for light on the market. She sees pillars of light emerging from the surface of the street. She questions whether the mass is ready to surrender to that light. But she trusts that there are elements that are available and strong. 

Overall, the industry doubts whether the ones on the market have to struggle or whether it is about (just) becoming aware. 

week 24, 2023 | no.2

For a brief moment, the textile and fashion industry reveals a runway scenario. The tall female element walks down an empty runway with crossed legs and poses. The confident strides create an exciting atmosphere. However, the industry almost immediately pauses to explain this sequence. 

“I want to demonstrate that I haven't forgotten who I am.”

The industry remembers previous decades with iconic fashion designers busily working on fashion sketches and designs. 

“It was about having fun. They were all in my arms. It was about creativity. It was so strong. It was about serving. They served something else.” 

According to the element remembering these days is accompanied by sorrow, but also an understanding that it is not about living in the past.

“I just want people to know that there was something else. They try to find something that the industry can't provide.”

At the moment, the female element chooses to remain in an observer's position and doubts that irritation from within will initiate change. 

“If I send an irritation, nothing will happen. If I send a powerful light beam, no one will recognize it. Someone needs to be very strong to calm that down.” 

The industry continues to both observe what appears on the surface of the market and remember previous decades. 


week 20, 2023 | no.1

The female element pursues gardening work. She has a soft voice and keeps eye contact with those around her. The female speaks on behalf of her and all the women around her. Though she seems to be the essential element, she articulates the information on behalf of the group.

The women do not initially belong in that surrounding. A rural, remote area. Worries about their current situation are noticeable. The female element wonders when the outer circumstances will change at last.

“We are aware of the current status quo of the brands. It is not what we have taught them. We see it, but we do not identify with it.”

The female pauses the gardening work to go for a walk accompanied by other women. She respects the free will of the brands to choose differently. She states that she doesn't consider the current members as members of the textile and fashion industry and assures that the industry has remained itself. She is calm.

“We do not change. We do not give up hope. But it's not us. It's them.” 

She states that the market is not about the industry itself. She senses desperation. The female advises those that seek change to get to know the industry. 

“Get to know me. There is something inside of me that is awake. Fit into it, and you will succeed.” 


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